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CCC2015 Saturday, March 28th 2015
March 27th 2015MTG Dragons of Tarkir
We are open at 11am Today!

Dragons of Tarkir are out and ready for you!

The great new Magic set has arrived!

March 23rd 2015Oh Oh Oh, its..
Dragons of Tarkir

We will have boxes, packs, fat-packs, event decks, everything!!

Friday (27th) is the release date!

Come in and get your Dragons on!

Box price is $99.99 first come first serve!
March 22nd 2015Party like its 1969
Sunday Spotlight Item

We got this in this weekend, a cool and well kept drink mixer from 1969

Go Go Girl Drink Mixer

Pop in batteries, pour a drink, set it in her waist carry and press the button!
She does her dance and mixes your drink!

Any well respected bar needs this item! You will NOT find one of these in this good of condition anywhere else!
March 20th 2015Vintage Spins

We just got this great little setup in earlier this week.

R.O.B. The robot with NES system.

Fully tested out and complete system.
This Rob Robot comes with the Gyromite cartridge game and also the
standard Duck Hunt/Super Mario Bros.

The system has had the pins replaced with our very last gold pins.
They fit tighter, play better, and very rarely cause blinking.

- 2 New controllers
- 2 vintage (no batteries but very clean) wireless controllers
- Grey light gun
- AC Power
- RF TV Composite

Rob was tested out and works just fine with the Gyromite game and he takes commands and performs without complaining.

Stop on in and take a look in the Transformer case
and see our NES Rob Robot sometime soon!

March 20th 2015Bling Bling
We have the new Yu-Gi-Oh! Premium Gold
Return of the BLING!

This new Gold Set release date is today and it is selling well!

Come on in and get your Bling on!

March 20th 2015Vidya Games
It looks like someone just Leveled Up!

We had a very nice and needed restock buy on video games!

All sorts of older systems and games.

NES, SNES, Genesis, Saturn

Lots of games and a few new systems to add to the collection!

We will be pricing and stocking these all on the floor in the next few days!

Update: 03/23/2015 We have priced all these and they are out on the floor!
A good mix of both rare game and a few hard to find titles from the early days of console gaming!
March 19th 2015Autographed Snakes
Sunday Spotlight Item

While digging through some ancient files hidden away for years,
we unearthed a nice little find.

Right now these two are on our eBay store and able to be purchased by phone if interested. Stop in and take a look at these two awesome incentive CrossGen comics!

These two comic books are of the Snake Plissken Chronicles by John Carpenter

One is autographed by John Carpenter himself,
the other is autographed by Kurt Russell!

Along with the two autographs each is also signed by William ONeill and Tone Rodriguez

Amazing double comic book incentive from back in the early years of 2003!
March 18th 2015Visual Affirmations
Welcome to the new face of the Cedar Cliff Collectibles web site!
More accessable now being simplified and cleaned up.

In the future we will be posting more and more event/entries.
They will all show up here in chronological order going from newest (top) to the oldest (bottom).

Check back later for further posts and updates on what is happening!
March 15th 2015Who watches the watch man?
We changed our Store Hours!

Mondays are now closing at 5pm
Wednesdays are now opening at 10am

Able to stop in even earlier to get your new comics and toys on Wednesday releases!

Along with the new hours is the new store hours sign in the front window.
Able to see from across the parking lot, or by satellite.